Total Car Check launches powerful new tool as part of its free check

Total Car Check is always looking to introduce new data and tools for free to help assist vehicle buyers. Last year we provided over 41 million free checks covering over 11 million unique vehicles. We are therefore excited about the introduction of a powerful new tool we have added to our free check, available right now. It gives you:

  • Information about the same (or similar) models/variants to the vehicle you have checked – for sale locally
  • The advertised price, mileage and fuel type of these vehicles
  • Details about the sellers and a link to the vehicle adverts they have placed

To try it out you will need to have registered here and then enter a vehicle registration on our homepage. Below is an example of the information that is provided, a short guide outlining how to use the new local vehicle sales tool and the benefits it provides.

Market check tool
Screenshot of new local vehicle sales tool available on Total Car Check’s free check

How do I use the local vehicle sales tool?

  1. Register your details on our website here or app and/or Login to Total Car Check.
  2. Enter the registration plate of a vehicle you are researching on our homepage here.
  3. Scroll down to the bottom of the basic report page.
  4. The above ‘For Sale Locally’ table will be provided. This shows an automatically populated list of up to 10 vehicles with the same make and year. You can select different models and variants of models to adjust the table results.
  5. Click on the arrow on the left of each table entry to obtain more information about the vehicle, who is selling it and to click through to the advert.

Benefits of the new tool

  • Allows you to conveniently find vehicles locally that match your requirements.
  • Enables you to sense check the price of the vehicle against similar models/variants sold by dealers locally.
  • Signposts adverts of vehicles sold locally that match your specification so you can contact the seller and arrange viewings.

Our vehicle sales tool is now available from our website and app – available on IOS and Android in future.

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