Avoid delays – use DVLA online

If you run a car in the UK you will, at the very least, need to ensure you have a full driving licence issued by the either the Driver Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA), Driver and Vehicle Agency (if you live in Northern Ireland), or an equivalent licence issued by an overseas transport agency. You will also need to ensure there is tax in place for your vehicle, known as vehicle excise duty (VED), unless you lease a car and your leasing company sets this up for you as an agent.

Actually there are quite a few services that the DVLA provide that you might need to interact with over the course of your motoring life. The key message is that where possible check here to see if you can access these services online. If you have always filled out a paper form and sent it in one of those brown ‘DVLA Longview’ addressed envelopes, then doing so now could see you face lengthy delays in receiving the paperwork you need to drive your vehicle. But there are no service delays if you use the DVLA’s online services.

Here’s why…..the DVLA is essentially a city of workers based in the Morriston district of Swansea in Wales. It employs up to 6,000 full and part-time workers, many of whom process the millions of paper applications and renewals for driving licences, vehicle registrations and vehicle tax. Unfortunately the brutalist 1960’s built DVLA offices have struggled to operate during the pandemic. UK and Welsh Government guidance restricted numbers that could work at the offices and even after measures were taken to socially distance and prevent infection many staff had to self-isolate. This led to long delays for some services of more than six months and there is still a big back log of paper applications.

So please make sure that you use DVLA online services in future. The DVLA are working hard to transform all of their paper services to digital over the coming few years. Generally, in our view, many of the DVLA’s online services are very speedy and efficient. So that DVLA services link again is here. I know we may be preaching to the converted, but do switch to online and save the trouble.

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