Motor industry calls for new electric car charging regulator

The motor industry trade body (SMMT) has called for the introduction of a new watchdog to ensure a fair deal for electric vehicle (EV) motorists as part of its 7 point plan which puts consumers at the heart of EV infrastructure development.

The number of EVs registered to drive on UK roads increased to 200,000 in 2020 and vehicle production more recently has increased at a higher rate than the volume of charge points made available. But although these figures seem high, there are still a number of production issues and barriers in place limiting consumers to make the shift from the petrol and diesel technology they are familiar with. One of these barriers includes the availability of public charge points and the price of electricity, which can vary considerably – and could increase significantly – during the current energy crisis.

SMMT also notes the need for an increase to the roll out of charge points and how the number of installations vary regionally – with a much higher concentration made available in the south of England compared to the north. This feeds in directly to the Government’s levelling up campaign which aims to bridge the economic divide seen between the north and south.

The industry is calling on Government to introduce a new ‘Ofcharge’ or Office of Charging’ regulator to monitor the market, including charge price levels and affordability and to enforce minimum standards. This it hopes will help to bring confidence into the EV market. The SMMT’s 7 point plan has been timed to influence a new EV infrastructure plan expected to be published by the Government soon.

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