Celebrating a year of Total Car Check enhancements

At Total Car Check we are always innovating to bring new helpful features and data to our users.    This is the way it has been since we disrupted the vehicle check market over 10 years ago.  Our customer first approach means that if we can provide something for free then we will. 

Auto Express Best Buy 2023 won by Total Car Check

That is one of the reasons why we have won the Auto Express Best Buy for Car Data Checks four years running. We are also rated excellent by the 50,000+ customers that have reviewed our products.

Below is a reminder of three new features we’ve added over the last year.  All are UK vehicle check firsts and all free of charge to users.   You can access these by running a free initial check on our website https://totalcarcheck.co.uk/ or on our app available to download on the app stores.

Local vehicle sales tool

This is great for finding vehicles similar to the one you are checking, near you.  We will automatically display a list of 10 vehicles within a 20 mile radius of where you live similar to what you have searched for.  We will tell you the price and give you a basic specification of these vehicles and you can click through to the retailer advert to arrange a viewing.  You can also use this feature to search for any make, model and variant of vehicle being sold by retailers near you.  Read more on our Local Car Sales page.

Electric vehicle (EV) data

If you are buying a used EV then Total Car Check can provide you with up to 15 fields of practical EV specific data that you won’t get from any other vehicle check provider.  This includes information about the vehicle’s battery, it’s charger type and location, range and how much it costs to charge.  This is great for undertaking comparative research and checking that any EV suits your requirements before you buy.  Read more on our Electric Vehicle Data page.

VIN checker

Viewing and checking a vehicle’s VIN is a must because it helps to rule out if a vehicle has been cloned.  This is a growing problem in the UK. See our blog on cloning. The vehicle you’re checking could have the plates of another vehicle on it to hide the fact it is stolen.  We are the only vehicle history provider to incorporate our VIN check tool into our free initial report.  But no vehicle check undertaken at a distance can identify a cloned vehicle on its own.  You have to go and view the vehicle and jot down or photograph it’s VIN to undertake this important check.  Read more on our VIN Check page and watch the video below for more information.

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