Total Car Check adds electric vehicle data to its free provenance reports

News Release

Total Car Check (TCC) has enhanced its vehicle history products by adding a suite of electric vehicle (EV) data to assist used EV buyers.

The vehicle history check provider has added practical EV data fields to its free, silver and gold check reports.  The information can be found whenever a user enters the vehicle registration number of an EV into TCC’s website or app.

Users will receive up to 15 additional fields of data including the EV type, drive type, plug type, plug location, range and charge times of any plug-in electric vehicle registered in the UK.   Also included are new ‘real world charging costs’ providing estimates of costs for home and public charging.  Home charging costs are based on the 34p unit rate per kWh set by the current energy price guarantee.  For public chargers the cost is calculated using a national average charge point unit rate of 63p per kWh.

The sale of used EVs in the UK hit record levels in 2021 with over 94,000 plug-in vehicles – Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs) and Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEVs) – sold.  In the first 9 months of 2022 the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) reported that almost 120,000 used EVs had been sold.   There are now more than 1 million plug-in vehicles registered to drive on UK roads, making up approximately 3% of all UK registered vehicles.

TCC’s Managing Director, David James said:

 “With over 1 million plug-in cars on UK roads, and strong demand for used EVs, we want to ensure our checks include the best possible data to help anyone looking to buy a used EV make an informed purchase.  This includes useful data that only applies to EVs and an accurate estimate of charge cost information based on current energy prices.

TCC were the first UK vehicle history check provider to include a free stolen check and we are now the first to be offering this type of EV data for free to our users.  This strategy is in line with our customer first approach – providing as much data as we can for free to support used car buyers and traders.”

In 2022 TCC has already incorporated a new local vehicle sales search tool into its free check report.  After entering a vehicle registration the free check lists similar vehicles for sale within a 22 mile radius of the user’s location.   This helps the user find a used vehicle that matches their specification and check that its sales price is in line with the local market.

David James started Total Car Check in 2010 after his parents bought a stolen Vauxhall Astra and lost £4,000.  The company is now one of the most popular vehicle check providers in the UK – undertaking over 41 million checks in 2021.

TCC are planning to add more EV fields to its silver and gold check products soon, giving paying customers the full complement of data about any used plug-in EV.

Note to editors

  1. Total Car Check is one of the UK’s leading vehicle history check providers.  In 2021 it provided over 41 million checks against 11 million unique vehicles.
  2. Total Car Check has received over 50,000 reviews across TrustPilot and the app stores with an average rating of 4.9/5 and is winner of the Auto Express Best Buy Award for the last three years (2020-2022 inclusive).
  3. The new EV data fields included within TCC’s reports are explained under the Electric Vehicle section of Total Car Check’s glossary here.   
  4. The new EV data is also included in Total Car Check’s chargeable silver and gold products.
  5. Public charging cost data is calculated using RAC Chargewatch – based on average UK rapid 23-90kW charge point costs.
  6. For media enquiries, please e-mail

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