How to use the Total Car Check app to check a vehicle

Total Car Check app on the screen of a smart phone

By the end of 2022 the Total Car Check app had been downloaded over 1 million times on Google Play. This milestone is also fast approaching on the App Store (over 850,000 downloads). Below we outline how the app can empower your car buying journey with insights that are too important to ignore.

Our products

Total Car Check provides three main types of check available on the website and app.

Initial check – for vehicle research

The initial free check gives you over 50 data points of information. You simply need to enter a vehicle registration on the app and that’s it. Instant access to helpful information about vehicles you are interested in.

Silver check – for making sure vehicles are safe to drive

A Silver Check gives you a lot of key risk data about a vehicle on top of what is provided in the initial check. This includes data flagging if a vehicle has been in a significant accident leading to it being written off scrapped or placed into salvage. A silver check is therefore suitable for research purposes and shortlisting vehicles to check if they are safe to drive and do not have an adverse history that affects value.

Gold check – for vehicles you’ve shortlisted to buy

A Gold Check gives you everything a Silver Check does as well as providing an outstanding finance check, £30,000 finance data guarantee and valuation. Undertaking a finance check is incredibly important when buying a new used car because a large proportion of vehicles in the UK are financed. A Gold Check therefore will give you the peace of mind you need to confirm the vehicle is suitable to buy. We also recommend viewing vehicles and undertaking further physical checks before buying. See our 10 Step Guide here.

Click here for a detailed comparison between what our silver and gold checks give you.

Using the Total Car Check app when buying a vehicle

If you are in the game for buying a new vehicle then our aim is to make life easier for you. You can do little wrong with downloading our app, which is free to download and use. The app provides a lot of information to help you buy the right vehicle and it’s perfect for checking while on the go.

Introducing the Total Car Check app

Here’s how to get hold of and use the app:

1. Download

Go to the Play Store or App Store to download the 4.9/5* rated Total Car Check app on your smart phone or tablet. It’s free to download and you don’t need to pay for a subscription to use.

2. Register

Registering enables you to access all the benefits of the app. Rest assured we don’t pass any of your personal data on to third parties or send you marketing e-mails.

Add your vehicles

You can store and easily access data about the vehicles you currently own/keep. We automatically send emails giving you MOT and tax reminders each year when you add vehicles. You can unsubscribe from these alerts if you wish.

Track your checks

Any check you make under your account is stored in the app. This means you can revisit all of the previous checks you’ve made. Just visit ‘My Checks’ and click on the ‘Free’ – initial checks, and ‘Purchased’ – silver/gold checks you’ve purchased; to view.

Access low cost multi-check vouchers

Our multi-vouchers are extremely popular and useful if you need to check a number of vehicles. They come in multiples of 3 and 5 on the app, giving you great savings against buying single checks. Once you’ve purchased a multi-check voucher while logged in these will be saved in your account. You can then redeem them in the app to make every time you make a silver or gold check.

Access local vehicle sales

You will need to register with us if you want to use our popular local vehicle sales tool. This is because we need to know your post code to provide details of vehicles for sale near you.

3. Undertake an initial check for research purposes

Total Car Check was the first vehicle check provider to give you a free vehicle data check that confirms whether or not the vehicle has been reported as stolen. We have evolved our free check over the years to be the most comprehensive available – providing you with over 50 data insights about a vehicle. All of this is available at your finger tips on our app. You can use it when you are browsing vehicles in forecourts or looking at online ads.

4. Check local vehicle sales

Our local vehicle sales tool enables you to compare any vehicle you are checking with the local retail market and find others for sale. It’s absolutely free and provided within our initial check, so long as you have registered on the app first. You can run a search within our initial check report to find vehicles being sold by dealerships within 20 miles of where you live. See our blog on the local vehicle sales tool here.

5. More than one vehicle shortlisted? Use multi-check vouchers

Our multi-check vouchers have been designed to provide you with a low cost way of checking a number of vehicles. This is ideal if you have several that you have shortlisted to buy. The more you buy the cheaper the price per check. Once purchased our multi-check vouchers are automatically applied to your account and available in the app menu under ‘My Checks and ‘Vouchers’.

6. Buy a Gold Check before you arrange a viewing

Whatever vehicle buying strategy you undertake it is imperative that you run a full vehicle history check before you buy. Our Gold Check provides you with an award winning data check covering all the key risks that come with buying a vehicle. Many of our customers have told us how a Gold Check has saved them from buying a car that was stolen, written off or has outstanding finance – before they arrange a viewing with the seller.

To download the Total Car Check app visit the Play Store (if you have an Android device) or App Store (if you have an iPhone or Apple device).

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