Free tools to help you buy a great car

At Total Car Check we have been working hard to provide free tools and insights that can help anyone find a great car for the right price. Below we explain the top 3 tools we provide for free that can help you research and find your next car safely.

1. Total Car Check’s excellent rated free vehicle check

Auto Express Best Buy 2023 won by Total Car Check

So you’ve spotted a few cars you like the look of and want to know more about them. Our unrivalled free car check is great for finding out more about vehicles and their history. It will tell you all about a car’s specification, if it has been stolen or not, its mileage and MOT history and how much it will cost to tax and fuel. It also embeds the tools below within it so you can run further checks. Total Car Check is the UK’s vehicle history check leader with over 42 million free checks undertaken on our site and app every year and a 5* excellence and Auto Express Best Buy award winner.

Before you buy a vehicle protect your interests by purchasing our award winning Gold Check. It’s cheap, instant and comprehensive and comes with a valuation and £30,000 data guarantee.

Get more info about any UK registered electric car

If you didn’t already know, used electric vehicles are becoming cheaper and cheaper. Unlike many petrol and diesel models there’s a huge supply of EVs entering the used car market right now. EVs cost little to run and maintain, are environmentally friendly and are the future of driving.

Total Car Check is the only car check provider in the UK to give you EV information for free. So if you’re looking at buying an EV then running a free car check on our website or app is a must. We will give you up to 15 data insights about any EV including its: charger type and location; battery capacity and; charging times and costs. Run a Total Car Check EV check now for unique insights.

2. Want to find similar cars locally in a few clicks?

So you’ve got to the point where you know what make and model you are looking for. Total Car Check’s powerful free local vehicle sales tool can help you find great cars for sale nearby.

Simply enter the registration number of any vehicle in our free car check or dedicated tool and we will list up to 10 similar for sale within dealerships locally. You can also edit your search to find any make/model for sale nearby based on the vehicle’s mileage. Going to view and visit a vehicle in person is important. So it makes sense to look local first and support your local dealerships. Try our local vehicle sales tool now.

3. The UK’s first free VIN check tool

You are now viewing cars that you have shortlisted. We can’t stress enough how important it is to run your own physical checks on a vehicle before buying. In short, checking the vehicle’s VIN is a must.

Our free car check will tell you if a vehicle has been reported stolen to the police or an insurer. But criminals use sophisticated techniques to ensure the vehicles they steal go undetected by the authorities. This practice is known as ‘cloning’. Our free VIN check tool helps to detect if a vehicle has been stolen and cloned. We made the tool free in 2023 to help car buyers.

Watch the explainer video below and check any car’s VIN using our free car check or by visiting our VIN check web page when viewing a vehicle. The Total Car Check app, available to download on the app stores, is perfect for using the VIN check tool on your phone while viewing a vehicle.

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